We love our planet

5th June 2021 is World Environment Day, the United Nations Day for encouraging global awareness, and action to protect our planet. At USEON we are passionately committed to this cause,

XPS Production Line to Europe

No Limits at USEON

March 2021, we are shipping a 2000kg/h XPS production line to Europe There are no limits to what we can achieve, except the limits that we place in our own

PLA sheet line

Foam Technology Makes PLA More Affordable

Recently the demands for PLA-based biodegradable composites are growing dramatically and therefore the price of raw materials inflates obviously in the market. USEON extrusion successfully developed the technology to reduce

souder to canada in airport

Walking the talk

USEON team is installing a meltblown production line in Canada Customers may forget what you say, but they’ll never forget how you make them feel! At Nanjing USEON one of

Donation of PPE to UNIDO

UNIDO’s reply to USEON‘s PPE donation

Mankind has only one earth to live on, and countries have only one world to share. In the case of COVID-19, we need to work together to overcome the difficulties.

XPET Production Line

500kg/hr XPET Production Line Up and Running

A tailor-made 500kg/hr PET foam core material production line has been tested successfully. This is a turn-key project that covers crystallization dryer, dehumidifier, twin screw plus single screw tandem foam

TDS135-TDD400 XPS Production Line
XPS Production Line

2,000kg/hr CO2 Foam XPS Production Line Wet Tested

Breaking The Record – 1,000kg/hr Made By Us in 2009 The biggest ever China-made XPS production line is being wet tested successfully. In 2009, we delivered the then-biggest CO2 foam

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