Intelligent Extruder Control System

The merit of this system is for production management. Our experts can diagnose your machines via internet. We not only consider your present demands, but also your future potential extended requirements.


Table of Contents

Modular Design

Reduce 70% cable and 90% failure

  • Controller (16 zone temp control and 10 contactor for motor)
  • Driving Module (Each module with 5 zones)
  • Heating Module (Each module with 4 zones, Short-circuit protection)
  • Ampere Module (Each module with 16 zones, Fault diagnosis for heater and SSR)
  • Cooling Module (Each module with 14 zones, control the solenoid)
  • Industrial PC(Built-in WIFI, Windows system)

Function Introduction

  • Data collecting and centralized management, can be sent to MES/SAP by Ethernet
  • Recipe Handling (includes feeding capacity, temperature and all speed)
  • Networking (with feeding and down stream machine)
  • One button start/stop (according to the setting temperature, speed etc.)
  • Process flow display on one page
  • One button for remote Control (by Teamviewer)
  • Alarm diagnosis
  • Maintenance remind

Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

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