PET/PS/PLA/PC Microfoam Sheet Lines

USEON can provide extrusion lines for PET/PS/PLA/PC microfoam sheet production.

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What is PET Microfoamed Sheet

The PET micro-foam sheet is a PET sheet with a dense closed-cell structure formed in the middle layer by precisely controlling the size of the foam.

Compared with the traditional ordinary PET sheet, the PET micro-foamed sheet can reduce the weight by 30% to 40% under the same volume. This means that the use of PET raw materials can be reduced.

Applications that do not need to be completely transparent are increasingly using micro-foamed PET sheets. For example, some big brand shampoo bottles and facial cleansing bottles have used a high proportion of PET micro-foamed sheets for production .

Features of Microfoam Sheet

  • More cost-saving. The products produced have more price advantages
  • More environmental protection. With the same function, less PET/PS/PLA/PC material is used, and it is also fully recyclable.

Table of Contents

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