PE Separator for Lead Acid Battery

USEON can provide you with a complete turnkey solution for the production of PE separator for lead-acid battery. From equipment to process formula, we have rich experience.

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What's UHMWPE Separator

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene separator (hereinafter referred to as the PE separator) is a kind of micro porous membrane that uses polyethylene as base material and silica as filler material. It is mainly used for lead-acid batteries, separating positive and negative plates.

Compared with other types of Separators, PE separator has the characteristics of smaller pore size, easy mechanical assembly. PE separator can reduce the battery short circuit problems, improve the capacity, improve the cycle life, improve the assembly efficiency of the battery, and reduce the rejection rate and so on.

PE separator is mainly composed of silica, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, special oil and other additives.

Photos of PE Separator Production Line

Micro Structure of PE Separator

The Micro Structure of PE Separator

PE Separator Manufacturing Process

PE Separator Manufacturing Process

Equipment Composition

Equipment Composition

The equipments of PE separator production line, can be divided into the following sections:

1. Raw material storage, mixing section

We must design the machine according to the characteristics of raw materials, including structure of silo, heating system, convery method, control logic etc.

When Mix raw materials, not only focus on the uniform dispersion of raw materials, but also to avoid the leakage of dust.

2. Extrusion and calendering section

In order to ensure good plasticizing and dispersion, we should according to the material characteristics to design special screw elements and screw combination of the extruder. So on, the channel of the die, the structure of the calender, are specially designed according to the material characteristics.

3. Extraction (pore forming) section

This part of the machine is designed according to process requirements , the market does not have this machine. This machine is directly related to the Porosity and oil content of separator, There are many technical know-how.

For example: how to stabilize the control of oil content, how to avoid the break and folds of separator, how to control the tension, etc. In addition, the sealing of system, anti-corrosion, drying process control also need special design.

4. Functional treatment (Wetting agent coating) section

This machine used to hydrophilic treatment to separator, this part includes the wetting agent dilution, coating, drying, etc. The difficulty is how to control the uniformity of wetting agent and the amount of coating, which requires special mechanical structure to achieve.

5. Defect detection and winder section

Pinhole detector can online detect pin holes and other defects in separator, and make the corresponding mark and record. The tension control and web guider is very important in this section, directly affect the appearance of the finished product and subsequent processing. The winder includes special tension control and web guider, the software has special algorithm.

6. Liquid raw material recycling section

This section of the machine is directly related to the cost of products and environmental issues. Some companies often ignore this section. If this section is not perfect, even if it can make a qualified product, the cost will be high, will lose competitiveness, and will cause harm to the working environment and the surrounding environment.

The Proposed Workshop Layout

The proposed workshop layout

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