PET Sheet Extrusion Line

In PET sheet/film production, we prefer direct and efficient operations. Conventional pre-drying procedure has been completely removed from the whole process. Whatever the combination, 100% rPET pellets or flakes or virgin, or mixture of them, our system can handle it with ease.

PET Sheet Production Line

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Tech Features & Advantages

  • Pre-drying-free technology
  • High efficient vacuum system keeps IV drop minor
  • Optimized screw design avoids yellowing
  • More user-friendly and intelligent close-loop control

Extruder Specification

ModelMotorOutput (kg/hr)Dia. Of Screw (mm)

Flow Chart Description

Loader → Transit silo → Loss-in-weight feeding → Twin screw compounding → Filter → Gear pump → Distributor → T-die → Three roller calendar → Cooling stack and edge cutting → Thickness tester → Corona treatment → Silicon/anti-static coating and dryer → Protection film coating → Haul-off → Automatic winder with accumulator

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