Melt Blown PP Compounding Line
for Melt Blown PP Resin

Polypropylene (PP) reacting compounding is the main raw material for the melt blown fabric filter. USEON can provide solutions for the following:

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PP Reacting Compounding Formula

PP powder with MFI 20~30, Anti-oxident, Calcium stearate, DTBP.

Meltblown PP Fabric Materials

with MFI 1200/1500/1800 g/10min (Condition 2.16kg, 230°C)

Melt Blown PP

Flow Chart Description

Premixing -> Loader -> Feeding -> Twin Screw Compounding -> Piston Type Melt Filter -> Die Head -> Water Bath 1 -> Water Bath 2 -> Water Wiper -> Strand Pelletizer -> Classifier -> Transfer Silo -> Drying and Homogenization

PP Reacting Compounding Line Layout

PP Compounding Line Layout

Technical Specifications of Extruder

In this meltblown PP reacting compounding line, the extruder is our SAT twin screw extruder.

Max. Speed

USEON Melt Blown PP Data Sheet

Type: PP
Grade: U-RP001
Features: Ultra-high fluidity, low volatility, narrow molecular weight distribution
Application: Melt Blown Fabric

General Index:

ItemPropertyUnitTesting standardTesting conditionTechnical Index
1Flow velocityg/10minGB/T3682230℃ 2.16kg1500±50
2Melting pointGB/T1946610℃/min165
3Volatile content%GB/T2914110℃≤0.03
4Ash content%GB/T9345.1850℃≤0.2

Table of Contents

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