Polyolefin Compounding

USEON provides the jumbo extruders for huge capacity polyolefin compounding. The max throughput can reach up to 60T/hr. Our supply scope covers from automatic raw material conveying to compounder, then from pelletizing to packaging.

Our expertise ranges from before-sales consulting, layout design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to training, as well as remote technical support.

Main Parts of the Compounding Line

Technical Specifications of Extruder

Screw Diameter (mm)130150175260330360
Main Motor (kW)1250150020003500~45006500~100009000~15000
Power Supply (kV)6.6~106.6~106.6~106.6~106.6~106.6~10
Speed controlAC inverterAC inverterAC inverterAC inverterManuallyManually
Output / KTA506070~80100~150200300~400

Why Choose USEON

Trusted by Well-Known Companies

USEON is a leading masterbatch extruder manufacturer in China. We serve many well-known companies such as BASF, AMPACET, NHAT NUY Group.

Save 30% on Your Investment

Our machines’ quality is substantially identical to ones produced by top German suppliers, but we charge more reasonable and affordable prices, with a 30% reduction in costs.

Technical Support and Service

Our experts and engineers are here to assist and guide you to solutions for challenges that you face and to optimize production performance. Through our operation of the new DCS intelligent control system, we provide effortless, remote, synchronized, and accurate technical support.

Table of Contents

Flow Chart Description

Feeding -> Extruder -> Throttle valve -> Melt pump -> Filter -> Diverter valve -> Under water pelletizer -> PCW system -> Classifier -> Storing

High-Torque Gear Box

  • High input power
  • High torque
  • High stability
  • Continuously running 8000h/year
  • Overhaul period, 5 years

Screen Changer

Filtering area: 3000cm² / 4000cm² / 6000cm² / 10000cm²

Underwater Pelletizing System

We have small & medium-sized and Big underwater pelletizer.

  • Small & medium-sized Output: 50~4000 kg/h
  • Big sized Output: 4~25 ton/h

Compounding Line Layout

One Successful Project in Indonesia

Equipped PP polymerization reaction device adopts the Italian Spheripol process, based on which its capacity is increased by client’s own independent technical strength.

The increased 80,000 tons/year accordingly will be accomplished by USEON SAT-175 co-rotating twin screw extrusion compounding and granulation unit.

This unit applies linear layout, with the delivery scope ranging from the inlet of the hopper to the outlet of the classifier.

SAT-175 co-rotating twin screw extruder, equipped with 2000KW Siemens as the main motor, independent-developed high torque gearbox with its torque up to 12Nm/cm3 and German Nordson underwater pelletizing system.

PCW system and classifier are located respectively on the 3rd and 2nd floor platforms; first connected to the buffer silo, and then to the external finished product silo.

Assemble the Complete Line in USEON Factory

Assemble the Complete Line in USEON Factory

Disassemble the Line & Packing in Wood Box

Disassemble the Line & Packing in Wood Box

Production Plant Exterior

Production Plant Exterior

Locate the Base & Supporting Frame

Locate the Base & Supporting Frame

Connect the Motor & Gearbox

Connect the Motor & Gearbox

Barrel Installation