Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing System

It is suitable for most polymer compounding production, which features simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The threshold of operators is also low. This system consists of strand die, water batch, air knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classifier.

Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing System

Main Parts

The following is a configuration that matches our SAT75 twin screw extruder for PLA/PBAT compounding. According to your application and output requirements, please contact us for a reasonable configuration for you.

Extrusion die plate

Material: 38CrMoAlA,with nitrify heat-treatment.
Exchangeable die plate: diameter 4 mm, 17 holes.
With heating.

Air cooling conveyor

Length: 20m. with 14 pieces blower.
Width: 350mm.
Speed controller: AC inverter.
Screen material: stainless steel 304.

Strand pelletizer

Model: KF230.
Drive motor: 11KW.
Speed controller: AC inverter.
Number of strands: max. 30 with diameter 4 mm.
Strand speed: 30~50 m/min.
The material for rotating and fixed cutter: hard metal alloy.
Rotating cutter with width 230mm.
The material of upper feed roller: PU.


Model: YL-500.
Vibrating motor: 2X0.08KW.
Capacity: 500kg/h.
Screen material: stainless steel 304.
Top screen layer with hole diameter 6mm, bottom layer with 20mesh screen.
Three discharge hole: oversize, regular size and small size.

Convey system and storing silo

Conveying system:
Conveying blower: 4KW.
Pipe material: stainless steel.

Silo Vol.: 2000L.
Material: stainless steel.
Disassemble frame equipped.

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