BOPET Film Extrusion Line

USEON twin screw extruder can be used for BOPET/BOPP/BOPA film production line.
Comparing with single screw extruder, our extruder can get better dispersion, more output and less average energy consumption.

BOPET film extrusion line

Table of Contents

Basic formula

PET compounding with additives (anti-slip, anti-static, anti-oxidant etc.)

BOPET film application

For all kind of packaging.

Film structure


Tech features & Advantages

  • Pre-drying-free technology
  • High efficient vacuum system keeps IV drop minor
  • Optimized screw design avoids yellowing
  • More user-friendly and intelligent close-loop control
  • Less residence time leads to less polymer degradation
  • Better dispersion performance leads to less percentage of additives

USEON Large Extruder SAT175 for BOPET film

Co-extrusion: SAT95-SAT175-SAT95
Main motor: 185Kw/1120Kw/315Kw
Total output: 5000kg/h
Film thickness range: 12~125 micron
Film width: 7500mm
Maximum line speed: 400m/min


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