Rubber Devulcanization

Our rubber devulcanization technology is thermo-mechanical way.

Tire Rubber Devulcanization and Compounding

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Process 1:

Just do Devulcanization process for the rubber and add 5~10% into the new rubber for new tire or sheet application, without affecting the properties of new rubber.

Process 2:

Do Devulcanization and Compounding together. Adding the Polymer at the second stage extruder and with under water pelletizing system. This is similar with TPE compounding process.

Technical Data Sheet

ModelDia. mmrpmL/DMotor kWkg/hr

Details of One Projcet

Raw Materials

PP/PE + Tire recycling powder (with the particle size less than 3mm and moisture less than 5%) + Paraffinic oil 

Process Flow

Loss in weight feeding system → SAT75 twin screw extruder → SAT95 twin screw extruder → underwater pelletizing system

Final Product

TPE pellets




Table of Contents

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