Foam Extrusion

We understand the potential challenges regarding foam extrusion that you may face. The degree of precision and accuracy required to successfully operate technologies can be intimidating, but our expert team with affluent experience in extrusion systems will help you find and cultivate the optimal solution.

Our comprehensive understanding of extruders enables us to offer single-stage and two-stage foam extrusion systems. USEON extrusion systems can operate a variety of processing tasks, and it can accurately control production needs.

USEON is committed to providing innovative solutions for polymer foam extrusion.

  • Optimization of screw profile
  • Highly efficient cooling barrel structure
  • Steam density reduction
  • Intelligent control system

We believe that our innovation offers cutting-edge solutions. We do not only supply quality machines, but we aim to become your reliable and strategic partner.

Key Features

  • Huge capacity, up to 2,000 kg/hr.
  • High compressive strength, up to 1,500 kpa.
  • Eco-friendly blowing agent
  • Wealth of experience from numerous successful cases
  • Intelligent control system with big data access
  • Professional service and international talent pool

Foam Extrusion Lines

ECOFEL Series CO2 Foam XPS Production Line

CO2 Foam XPS Production Line

ECOFEL series XPS line represents the most advanced Chinese made XPS production line. Our vast experience and cooperation with international groups, ensures you will launch a world-class XPS factory. Contact us today and consult with one of our experts.

xPET Foam Board

PET Foam Core Production Line

As a leading Chinese company in PS physical foam extrusion, USEON is the first company to develop the machines for producing PET Foam Board/Sheet. It is a dedicated machine which integrates the process of reactive extrusion and foaming.

Graphite EPS Beads Production Line

Extruded EPS Beads Production Line

With ever increasing energy-saving standards, traditional white EPS insulation is not able to keep up with the thermal insulation requirements. The development of Extruded EPS solves this issue perfectly, reducing the thermal conductivity to less than 0.030W/(m·K). Therefore, Extruded EPS is quickly gaining ground in the global thermal insulation industry.

XPE Foam Sheet Line

XPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

XPE is chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material. XPE foamed sheet has a wide range of potential application opportunities. We provide turnkey project solutions for XPE foam sheet production lines.

Lab-scale foam extrusion

Lab-scale Foam Extrusion Line

We provide various types of lab-scale foam extrusion equipment for multi-purpose applications. Our own foam extrusion lab center is open to professionals. We’d love to seek the potentials together with you.

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