PVB/SGP Film Extrusion Line

USEON can supply the completely PVB/SGP extrusion line from feeding to winder and including the on-line crushing system.
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PVB/SGP film production involves many sorts of additives. Therefore, it requires good mixing and dispersing ability of extruder.

The prominent mixing and dispersing ability of twin screw extruder can get the additives distributed into the polymer thoroughly even. Not only have additives saved, but raised the inner quality of final products.

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Basic Formula

PVB/SGP, additives and on line waste material

Film/Sheet Specification

PVB/SGP Film Application

PVB film has good adhesion to inorganic glass, and has the characteristics of transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, humidity resistance, and high mechanical strength.

PVB interlayer film is widely used in construction, automotive, photovoltaic and other industries.

If the special formula is adopted, it is also widely used in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, aerospace products, military instruments, solar cells and solar receivers.

Extrusion Process

Special cooling jacket for feeding system to avoid the choking due to the sticky of raw material.
Twin screw extruder for better mixing and degassing performance.
Co-extrusion for two color (on the edge)
Automatic T-die interlock with thickness tester.

PVB/SGP Film Projects/Clients

Table of Contents

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