EPS Recycling

The circular economy has gradually become the development direction of major economies, and some developed countries have formulated and implemented policies and regulations to promote the development of the circular economy. In the plastic industry, this means that all plastic products need to be recycled and reused. The highest goal of plastic recycling technology is to enable recycled plastics to return to their original use, which is also the purpose of the circular economy. We call it same-grade recycling, which means that the recycled plastic raw materials are still used for their original purpose, such as our bottle-to-bottle technology and EPS-to-EPS technology.

The EPS-to-EPS recycling technology is a foaming extrusion technology developed based on the definition of the circular economy. Compressed and crushed EPS waste is fed into a twin-screw extruder, and hexane foaming agent is injected into the material during the extrusion process. The material is then cooled to a temperature suitable for underwater pelletizing. The pellets produced are similar to brand new EPS raw materials and contain foaming agents. The recycled EPS pellets containing foaming agents can be used like suspended EPS new materials, and many of their performance characteristics are even better than those of EPS new materials produced by suspended methods.

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EPS pellets

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