PP Nonwoven Fabric

USEON can provide the following PP non-woven fabrics.
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Photos of Nonwoven Fabric Machines

PP Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and weaves, but only oriented or randomly arranged textile short fibers or filaments to form a web structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods.

There are many kinds of non-woven fabrics.

During the current epidemic, we mainly focus on providing customers with high-quality non woven fabric for mask, surgical, medical device packaging.

These cloths mainly include spunbond non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics and spunbond meltblown composite fabrics (also called spunmelt fabrics).

Samples is available, according to your requirements.

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Spunbond Fabric

Melt Blown Fabric

Spunmelt Fabric

Table of Contents

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