Our team concentrates on polymer extrusion equipment and process technology; together with our professional technicians and staff, we are dedicated and passionate about our mission. Since the creation of the company, we have worked with energy and devotion towards developing innovative, sustainable, and environmental-friendly solutions, aspiring to become pioneers in the industry.

Our customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, have reported satisfied reviews of our service and expertise with providing advanced polymer extrusion technology and extensive solutions. Our performance is never occasional, but consistent, allowing us to become one of the most advanced extrusion technology companies in China and a global leader in the industry.

Our team’s diverse backgrounds and vast experiences eliminate potential mistakes and guarantee our clients with the most efficient, effective, effortless production solutions.

The USEON team welcomes you with our multilingual technical service team and more via email, telephone, or video conference.


Be the first choice for the customers of all our business units;
Create value by GREEN TECHNOLOGY;
Make a positive difference to“made-in-China”.


Responsibility Team Innovation

History of USEON Innovations

U Series Twin Screw Extruder 2
Year 2022
Developed the higher standard U series twin screw extruder with specific torque up to 15 Nm/cm3.
SAT330 in Daqing, China
Year 2021
The 200,000 ton/year polypropylene mixing, extrusion and granulation unit (SAT330) with self-owned intellectual property rights was successfully delivered.
PLA sheet line
Year 2021

We have manufactured advanced energy saving, lightweight, environmental-friendly micro-foamed PET sheet; we launched our industry-leading PET / PLA micro-foamed sheet production line.

Year 2020

Our recent development of melt blown fabric production line was exported to several countries, including Canada, Germany, and Great Britain.

In addition, we delivered an XPS production line with the highest Chinese domestic production capacity of 2000kg/h.

Using remote link up, real time technology, we also successfully debugged the XPS production line of one large European customer.

2019 Big extruder SAT175
Year 2019

Huge capacity extruder SAT175 for producing PE/PP compounds with an output of 8~10 ton/hour

2018 PET foam board
Year 2018

Developed our solution for PET foam board extrusion, used in applications such as, wind power, rail traffic, aviation, and decoration.

2017 triple screw extruder
Year 2017

Developed our super high dispersion & distribution triple-screw extruder for POY/BCF MB, TPU reaction compounding

Cartridge heating and double cooling twin screw extruder
Year 2016

Cartridge heating and double cooling twin screw extruder for Engineering compounding.

2015 High torque gearbox
Year 2015

High torque gearbox 13Nm/cm3 for twin screw extruder.

Graphite EPS Pelletizing Line
Year 2014

We launched our New Product, Graphite EPS Pelletizing Line.

UNIDO HCFC replacement plan
Year 2013

We implemented a UNIDO HCFC replacement plan.

EVA solar cell encapsulating film
Year 2012

We improved the line speed of EVA solar cell encapsulating film up to 10m/min.

2011 twin screw extruder for BOPET
Year 2011

We delivered the first set of China-made twin screw extruders for BOPET which eliminated the pre-dry process. This offered energy savings up to 35%.

2010 high torque twin screw extruder
Year 2010

We increased the speed of our high torque twin screw extruder up to 800rpm.

2009_EVA solar cell encapulating film
Year 2009

Following our achievements of 2008 we set out to deliver the first set of EVA solar cell encapulating film. We completed a complete production line with a twin screw extruder.

2009_C02 foam XPS production line
Year 2009

2009 also saw us realize our goal of delivering a 1000kg/hr, CO2 foam XPS production line.

2008_PET Sheet / Film Production Line
Year 2008

We achieved two milestones in 2008!

Firstly, we developed pre-dry-free PET extrusion technology for use in our twin-screw extruder.

2008_single screw extruder tandem extrusion line
Year 2008

Then we launched first set of twin-screw extruders with a single screw extruder tandem extrusion line for CO2 foam XPS production.

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