USEON launches the new Logo

On the occasion of 15th anniversary of the founding of the company, USEON launches the new logo to enhance the brand building and innovation advancement.

The current logo, the second version of its kind, has been used for 10 years. It is the deformed font of U & E, which are the first letters of USEON Extrusion. UE describes the work USEON is engaging, but it does not express USEON’s characteristics: the integration of equipment and processing.

The new logo’s body is the abstracted screw structure. It is comprised of three hexagons in parallel as the hexagon symbolizes the cell of polymer foam materials, while the extra two oblique lines at corners stand for the structure of benzene ring.

In the meantime, the English letters of USEON are integrated into the body of logo, indicating the company’s development direction to be an international group. Last but not least, the star blue background represents the vast space for USEON’s continuous technological advancement and breakthrough.

The new logo better embodies USEON’s characteristics and the mission when USEON started —— to deliver the complete solutions to clients with equipment and material processing combined.

The launch of new logo is the part of USEON’s transformation efforts being made at higher stage of company’s development. USEON will build on the good momentum and continue to make unremitting efforts for better service to the clients and more contribution to the progress of the industry.  

Established in 2006, now USEON has developed into Top 5 group in terms of comprehensive strength in China’s plastic machinery industry with three factories in Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yiwu city, which are near Shanghai. USEON has delivered more than 2, 500 sets of extrusion equipment of different applications to clients in more than 70 countries of the world, including Fortune 500 groups and international organizations. What’s more, USEON sets up 7 global branch offices in UK, Poland, Turkey, India, Brazil, etc. to provide the timely service to the local clients.