USEON & Chinaplas – A Successful Conclusion, Looking Forward to Next Time Together

The four-day Chinplas 2024 came to a successful end at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Useon and industry partners conducted in-depth technical discussions and business exchanges, leaving each other a good memory.

USEON at Chinapas2024

The exhibition, the more powerful and diversified product lineup, attracted the attention of many visitors and industry professionals.

As the latest extruder equipment launched by Useon, U7 is mainly for products with high speed and high torque demand, such as engineering plastics, masterbatch and other applications. The excellent performance design can ensure the stability of production efficiency and product quality, and help users achieve advanced quality and efficiency.

USEON at Chinapas2024

This exhibition is also the first show of Useon 360mm screw element and barrel, the huge barrel size attracted many professionals to stop to understand, the technical strength of Useon can not help but be praised.

At the exhibition site, new and old customers are pouring in, so that the booth has always been extremely popular.Useon team professional answer all kinds of questions raised by customers, jointly explore the best solution, from domestic and foreign customers have expressed sincere intention to cooperate.

USEON at Chinapas2024

Next stop, Useon will participate in:

  • 2024 NPE Show from May 6 to 10, booth number :W8589.
  • May 6-9, Saudi 4P 2024, Booth No. 1-207.

More technical surprises, welcome to the scene to communicate and negotiate.