Driving Sustainability: Useon plays an important role in ESG

In an era where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations play an increasingly crucial role in shaping business practices, companies across industries are seeking ways to contribute positively to the planet and society. Among these, Useon has emerged as a key player in the journey towards sustainability.

Environmental Impact

One of the primary focuses of ESG is environmental responsibility, and extruder machinery companies, like Useon, has embraced this challenge by implementing various initiatives to minimize the CO2 footprint. State-of-the-art extrusion technologies contribute to resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption during the manufacturing process.

Additionally, Useon often invests in research and development to create more sustainable materials, exploring alternatives to traditional plastics that are biodegradable such as PLA(bio-based raw material) and recyclable PET (from bottle to bottle).

Social Responsibility

Useon recognizes the importance of social responsibility, and many have taken steps to enhance the well-being of their employees. Training and education initiatives are also common in Useon, such as supporting colleges and vocational training centers to enhance acknowledgement and skill development, aiming to uplift and empower the next generation.

In the health and safety initiatives, Useon implemented rigorous health and safety protocols within the workplace to protect employees from accidents and occupational hazards and regular training sessions on workplace safety and emergency response.

Governance Excellence

Good governance is a cornerstone of ESG. Useon have implemented robust governance practices and established clear policies and procedures to address environmental and social concerns, providing clients with a roadmap for responsible business practices.

Useon is leading the way in innovating the EPS to EPS recycling technology. This technology not only meets higher international energy-saving standards, but also plays a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental impact of waste and contributing to a circular economy where resources and costs are conserved, and waste is minimized. This transformation not only aligns with governance excellence principles but also sets a positive example for the broader manufacturing industry.

Moreover, Useon actively engaged with partners, including international organizations, associations, customers and regulatory bodies, to gather feedback and incorporate diverse perspectives into their decision-making processes. This commitment to open communication strengthens trust and fosters long-term partnerships.

Useon has always been committed to circular economy. More than 300 XPS production lines have been delivered, reducing 100 million tons of carbon emissions for society every year, which is equivalent to reducing the total annual carbon emissions of 40 million fuel vehicles, exceeding the total car ownership in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The delivered twin-screw extruders for PET processing save 70 million KWH of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of 1,800 families.

“As an advanced environmental protection technology, recycling not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also changes the traditional model of ‘end-of-life disposal’ and reduces waste of resources. It provides an efficient and sustainable development path for Chinese companies exploring ESG transformation under the “dual carbon” policy.

We will remain committed to leading ESG efforts within our business cycle as we consider the positive impact we can achieve as central to our business strategy.

Not only public authorities are demanding ESG compliance, but also clients and young talents are more and more conscious of their employee being a company of purpose and sustainability. By aligning company’s strategies with ESG values, Useon is not only contributing to a more sustainable future but are also positioning themselves as a leading role in the global movement towards responsible business practices.” concludes Cliff, Vice President of Useon.