Highlights in Exhibition (first half of 2021)

USEON presents innovative technology and competitive products to the market.

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in the beginning of 2020 posed severe challenges to many industries. The exhibitions were brought to a sudden halt, delay or even cancellation. With the situation getting improved early 2021, grand events such as Chinaplas, Interfoam, etc are held one after another. As the leading manufacturer in plastic extrusion equipment sector, USEON plays an active role in these live events to present the latest technology and solutions to the market in response to client’s urgent need for high value – added products and sustainable development.       

2021 China (Foshan) International Rubber and Plastics Industry Expo (May of 2021, Guangdong)

At the background of Plastics Restriction, the demand for bio degradable materials such as PLA, PBAT, etc are increasing dramatically.

In the expo, USEON introduces the mature solutions in modification granulating of bio degradable materials, as well as the innovative technology for production of PLA micro foamed sheet and PLA foamed beads, which obtains the positive feedback from visitors. 

CHINAPLAS 2021 (April of 2021, Guangdong)

The world’s leading plastics and rubber trade fair CHINAPLAS 2021 is the most important event in the industry.

How to make plastics in the more sustainable ways? USEON shares the answer of “less weight, less energy consumption, bio degradable”. The sample extruder barrel with diameter as large as 250mm, a remarkable achievement ever made by the Chinese private company, puts USEON under the spotlight in the event.

Interfoam Expo China 2021 (April of 2021, Shanghai)

Interfoam Expo China 2021 is the professional exhibition for foam industry. USEON’s profound expertise, innovative technologies, and the lead in market share have made USEON the top equipment supplier in the industry.

USEON brings the solutions featured by “various types, multi-functions, various blowing agents, various materials” to the professional visitors who are eagerly looking for new products. Mr. Cliff Zhang, head of USEON’s foam extrusion division, presented USEON’s innovative and patent technology at “1st International Forum of Foams and Applications” held at the same time.

“One Belt One Road” Xinjiang International Green Building Industry Expo (May of 2021, Xinjiang)

Xinjiang International Green Building Industry Expo is the key exhibition of “One Belt One Road” initiative.

In the expo, USEON displays the products of XPS production line, PET foam core production line, Extruded graphite EPS line, etc, which brings USEON closer to local manufactures and strengths USEON’s influence in western part of China.