The highest-altitude ever XPS line is up and running

We have installed and commissioned the highest-altitude XPS line ever this week in Lhasa Tibet, where the altitude reaches 3600m.

This is a TDS95-TDD250 line which can produce 800-1000kg/hr with the blowing agent of supercritical CO2 and ethanol. Because of the low atmosphere pressure, the density of the boards can be lower than 23kg/m3, yet maintain the fine cell structure and 200kpa compressive strength.

It is supposed to be the lightest XPS boards in the world with the blowing agent of CO2 and ethanol alone. The running of this line is a good start to de-HCFCs in XPS production in Lhasa area, and it will be a contribution to the great plan of carbon peak and carbon neutral.

XPS production line in Lhasa


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