5 t/h Underwater Pelletizing System Delivered by USEON

In January 2022, USEON delivered an underwater pelletizing system with capacity of 5 tons/hr to a domestic client, which is the largest regular underwater pelletizing system for EPS beads pelletizing.

5 tons/hr Underwater Pelletizing System

Underwater pelletizing system is a relatively advanced pelletizing method which consists of diverter valve, pelletizer, water circulation system, centrifugal dewater and control system, with following characteristics:

  1. Wide application range: it handles almost all thermoplastic materials, including polyolefin modification and polymer extrusion pelletizing;
  2. Large output: output up to 10 tons/hour, while normally water strand pelletizing and water ring pelletizing cannot well handle output more than 1 ton/hr;
  3. Closed circuit production and high automation: the entire production process is fully enclosed in water, making clean workshop environment possible; underwater pelletizing system is not sensitive to pressure fluctuation of the extruder, which ensures stable and efficient process;
  4. Suitable for soft polymer: underwater pelletizing system is suitable for very soft materials and materials with high viscosity, such as TPR/TPE/TPV elastomers and EVA hot melt adhesives;
  5. Good product appearance: finished products are round beads. It also has better performance when producing particles. Regular beads are 3~4mm, and some special applications require particles of 0.7~2mm for more uniform distribution, such as color masterbatch and certain functional masterbatch;
  6. Particles with foaming agent need to be diced underwater to freeze the gas by underwater pelletizing system, such as EPS, PLA, TPU.
5 tons/hr Underwater Pelletizing System

Underwater pelletizing system is getting popular by more and more customers. USEON has accumulated rich experience in this field, and manufactures underwater pelletizing system with output ranging from 500kgs/hr to 25 tons/hr (for Petrochemical plant’s pelletizing unit). USEON has delivered scores of underwater pelletizing systems to clients both at home and abroad with various applications in thermoplastic elastomers, filler masterbatch, functional masterbatch, fine particles, biodegradable materials, engineering plastics and other fields.