70,000 t/year PP Twin-screw Pelletizing Line Successfully Accepted

In June (2019-06-27), a PP pelletizing extrusion line with capacity up to 70,000 t/year had been running through the acceptance tests.

The line was developed for a large Indonesian petrochemical group company by USEON.

Fully awareness of client’s demands and a wealth of project implementation experience made the successful acceptance. The parameters of this line reach the world advanced level, another consolidation and upgrading the USEON’s ability regarding PP projects, also another proof for the strength of Made-in-China, and a break-up of the long-term monopoly by international giants regarding the huge twin screw extruders.

With throughput up to 8-10t/hr, equipped with SIEMENS 2000KW main motor, the extruder is our SAT-X175 co-rotating twin screw extruder, applying USEON-patented high-torque gearbox and German BKG under-water pelletizing system.

This smooth acceptance is another proof for USEON’s strength to serve for mega integrated polyolefin pellitizing projects from design, manufacture, installation to commission, and achievements of USEON technical team accumulated hard work in polymer extrusion design. Tradition of innovation makes it possible for Chinese private enterprise to break the monopoly by the Occident giants of huge twin-screw extruders. Extensive experience in international projects management allows us to win client’s high praise for its ultimate completion.

70000 TPY PP Twin-screw Pelletizing Line