The biggest ever XPS line has reached East Europe

The new TDS135-TDD500 XPS production line has been unloaded in East Europe lately and is expected to be installed in September. This is the biggest foam extrusion line we have ever made. This line is designed to yield 3,000kg/hr, which may mark the new record in the world in throughput. To catch up with the fast line speed, there are two sets of downstream equipped after main cut-off so that the line can handle 60m/min line speed. The barrel of TDD500 adopted our patent design of 4-in-4-out cooling channels. The line was equipped with 4 units of blowing agent injection systems that can injection CO2, ethanol, DME/butane, HFO/HFC simultaneously. The thickness range of XPS boards can be from 30mm up to 200mm.

Under the circumstance of the global sluggish economy, our export is still on the upwards trajectory. We provide more cost-effective equipment and service that can make your investment pay off sooner. The latest technologies will make your products more competitive in the market.

the biggest XPS Line