Welcome to stop by us at 12-B17, Hall 12

The PLASTINDIA plastic show is happening during 7th to 12th Feb 2018 in Gujarat India. USEON has been treating India as the biggest emerging market. This time, we will bring our latest technology in twin screw extruder, PET recycling solution and the advanced XPS production line.

The newly SAT-E twin screw extruder adopts new heating cartridges and dual-way cooling system which make SAT-E more energy-saving and more productive. For PET recycling, our under-water-strand pelletizing system increases the productivity and automation significantly, yet keeps the IV drop as minor as possible. Groundbreaking EPS/XPS recycling system streamlines the recycling procedures and breaks the output limits. The new system doesn’t have to equip compactor. All fluffy material can be fed into the forced feeding system directly. We have also made some improvements on our XPS production line, both in extrusion system and down-stream.

To learn more, we look forward to seeing you at 12-B17, Hall 12.


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