Welcome to meet us at 7.1E83 and 6.1L11 on Chinaplas 2018

The greatest annual plastic event, Chinaplas 2018 is taking place from 24th-27th April in Shanghai. There are some new technologies are worth to expect from Useon. The 3rd generation of XPS production line, and the latest PET recycling technology. This year, we have got two stands respectively at 7.1E83 in main extrusion hall and 6.1L11 in recycling hall.

For the 3rd generation of XPS production line, we have optimized the profile of primary extruder which increases mixing performance and lowers down the maintenance cost. The profile of second screw also has been optimized. The new cooling screw has higher material renewal rate between screw flight bottom and flight tip. Another highlight is blowing agent system, we equip blowing agent system with a temperature control module which can mediate the temperature difference between molten GPPS and room temperature or cold blowing agents. To learn more about the 3rd generation of XPS production line, welcome to visit us at 7.1E83.

As for the PET recycling technology, the newly invented under water stranding pelletizing system significantly gets the productivity increased. The integrated vacuum system can keep the IV drop as minor as possible. Inline sheet and inline strapping technology make the PET recycling more value added. To learn more about PET recycling technology, welcome to meet us at 6.1L11.


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