XPS Production Line in Hangzhou Guangwei Put into Production

In early March of 2021, the brand new TDS95-TDD250 CO2 XPS production line in Hangzhou Guangwei Insulation Materials Co., Ltd is successfully commissioned and put into production.

Currently the client is manufacturing XPS foam boards for floor heating at the size of 2430mm*600mm (LXW) and thickness of 25mm from the raw materials of GPPS, talc and color masterbatch, etc. The line can also be used to make XPS foam boards of higher thickness or for other applications. It is equipped with advanced DCS intelligent control system which makes it easy for operators to run the production line. The client can select different monitoring points and integrate their curves into one page for data analysis and operation optimization.

It is worth mentioning that Guangwei already has a Useon XPS production line specially for floor heating application. USEON’s high quality equipment and excellent services win the trust of client so they choose to purchase Useon XPS production line again when they expand the production capacity and have different choices of equipment supplier.

Guided by the core values of “responsibility, team, innovation”, USEON endeavors to bring the high standard equipment and dedicated services to more clients. The efforts are being paid off and USEON equipment has been a preference of many clients both at home and abroad.

Even in the year of 2020 with global economy struggling due to Covid-19 epidemic, 60 sets of USEON XPS production lines have been ordered worldwide by clients.

Hangzhou guangwei xps production line