Useon Debut at Big 5 2015 Dubai

The most influential building and construction show in Middle East will be taking place during 23 to 26 November 2015. Useon will first time attend this show. You can find us either at H197, Saeed Hall or F57, Focus Hall. USEON got two booths.

Polystyrene foam accounts for more than 30% of total thermal insulation market. USEON has been engaged in polystyrene foam processing machines such as XPS production line and graphite EPS beads production line. We will introduce our latest CO2 foam technology in XPS production and steam foam technology which can bring down the density by 15% without suffering thermal conductivity. In addition, the steam process can help XPS boards get better dimension stability as the course of steaming can remove most of the stress inside of the board. Also better dimension stability can spare a lot of troubles which might occur during construction operation.

Graphite EPS beads production line is another dynamite of our product portfolio. The beads were produced by our lines have been sold more than 5,000 tons as of September 2015. The quality of final product is comparable with BASF Neopor and Sunpor, even our beards outperform them in flame retardancy and thermal conductivity. Up to now, we are the only one who can make graphite EPS beads production line in China.

To learn more about polystyrene foam processing machines, welcome to stop by us at H197, Saeed Hall or F57, Focus Hall.

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