Keep up good work, our effort are getting paid off

Ozone Layer Healing

Useon Foam Team has been engaged in HCFC phasing-out program for years. This inspiring news from BBC is a comfort for our team that the first clear evidence that the thinning in the ozone layer above Antarctica is starting to heal.

HCFC is a series of Freon gas which were commonly used as refrigerants and physical blowing agent for polymer foam. In XPS production, the combination of F22+F142b is widely used as blowing agent, because it is the balance between cost and easiness of operation.

Our CO2 foam XPS technology has changed this status since 2009. We have helped a number of huge XPS manufactures worldwide to change or upgrade their lines with CO2 foam technology. Let’s take 1000kg/hr line. Every line can save 2.6 tons HCFC every production day. This good news is absolutely an encouragement for our team to keep promoting our CO2 foam XPS production line worldwide, and keep making contribution for a greener world.