PET Recycling

We have 15 years of experience in PET recycling and pelletizing solutions. If you want to get involved in PET recycling, we will be your best partner.

  • Streamlined Modern Process Flow

  • Saving Upto 40% on Energy Consumption

  • Refined Quality in Final Product

  • Individual Solutions Geared Specifically for Recycling Tasks

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USEON Clients

USEON has helped clients worldwide launch 125 PET pelletizing lines.

  • Client Location: USA

  • Model: SAT-110

  • Application: PET bottle flakes recycling

  • Output: 1100 kg/h

  • Client Location: China

  • Model: TDY-110 Counter-rotating

  • Application: BoPET Film Recycling

  • Output: 1000 kg/h

  • Client Location: Vietnam

  • Model: SAT-110

  • Application: PET popcorn recycling

  • Output: 1000~1200 kg/h

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We Have 4 Advanced Design for PET Recycle

Complete PET Recycling Solutions by USEON

What would you do with an endless supply of plastic? Rely on USEON’s relentless innovation to solve todays plastic recycling problems. Our technology liberates you to keep the same quality plastic as the day it was first formed.

You can depend on USEON’s experience to develop and deliver custom machines capable of handling thorny recycling tasks. No longer struggle with bottle-grade PET recycling, fluffy materials handling or what ever plastic recycling opportunities are thrown your way. Let our research into recycling processes work toward a greener future. Contact us today to see what possiblities are in store for your tomorrow.

Technical Specifications


PET Recycling Lines

PET Bottle Flakes Pelletizing Line
BoPET Film PSF Pelletizing Line
PET Sheet / Film Production Line
PET 4 Straps Production Line


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