EVA Solar Cell Encapsulation Film Production Line

Table of Contents

What you will learn inside this guide

  • Full-automatic Continuously Gravimetric Feeding System
  • Advantages to our Twin Screw Extrusion System
  • Calibration System
  • Intelligent Control System
  • How Our Systems Produce Excellent Quality EVA Film

A high-quality machine is not enough. The quality of EVA film is a combination of production processing and stable line. We not only deliver machines, but transfer value from our knowledge and experience. This is why we are the best choice from your business.

From our technical consulting of project proposal to production quality control, we will provide you a total engineering solution and a turn-key project. This makes you capable, and more confident to execute your project. Rely on our experience to define a solution tailored to you today by contacting us.


Solar module is laminated by steel glass—EVA film—semiconductor wafer—EVA film—back sheet. Cross-linking and curing will take place while the composite structure will be heating and pressing.
The cured protection layers can prevent solar modules from harsh environment damage while keeping high light transmittance.

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