Engineering Plastic Compounding is the main application for twin screw extruder. It is used in a wide variety of application.

USEON SAT-X serial Extruder with high torque gearbox is special designed for this application.

Politem Engineering Plastic

The Basic Formula

General Engineering PlasticAdvanced Engineering PlasticAdditives
PA6, PA66, PA46, PPAPBIGlass fiber
ABSPAICarbon fiber
POM-C, POM-HPEEKFlame retardant
PETPPSUV stabilizer
PE-(U)HMWPVDFColor pigment


  • Automotive (Intake manifolds, Header tanks, Filters, Fans and Shrouds, Engine covers, etc.)
  • Electrical (Terminal block, Cable ties, Connectors, Power tools, MCCB, relay, light, etc.)
  • Blow Moulding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc.)
  • Film & Pipe Extrusion (BOPA, BOPET, PET Sheet , Pipe , etc. )
  • Fiber (PA fiber, PSF, FDY, PSF, etc.)
  • Other Industrial (Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc.)

Processing of Engineering Plastic

Engineering plastic is sensitive to over heating and hydrolytic degradation.

Our SAT-X serial Extruder with 13Nm/cm3 specific torque and 800rpm speed can get higher output with less residence time, better dispersion, more accurate temperature control.

SAT Twin Screw Extruder

a) Technical Specifications of Extruder

Max. Speed

b) Heating System

SAT Twin Screw Extruder Heating System

Instead of traditional casting heater (outside the barrel), we use cartridges heater (made in Germany) inside the barrel, it will save energy and Polymer will be melt mostly by heating, not kneading elements, so the working life of screw and barrel is longer and the quality of the compounding is better.

c) Cooling System

SAT Twin Screw Extruder Cooling System

With two input and output on each barrel, more uniform cooling and fast cooling.

d) Supporting Frame

SAT Twin Screw Extruder Supporting Frame

The supporting point of traditional barrel is in the underneath. When heated, its thermal expansion is upward with the value 0.2~0.5mm (difference up to the size of extruder), and uneven gaps in the upper and lower between screw and barrel.

The supporting point of barrel of SAT extruder is in the middle, When heated, its thermal expansion is upward and downward uniformly, ensuring the center height is on the horizon and the constantly even gaps in the upper and lower between screw and barrel.

e) Under Water Strand Pelletizing System

Under Water Strand Pelletizing System

The the strands go into the pelletizer automatically by the water flow, even the strands break during changing the filter. So there will be almost no waste during the manufacturing process.

If the strand number more than 25 pieces (the output about 800kg/h), it will be more difficult for operator to handle the hot strand to pelletizer manually.

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