SAT X175 twin screw extruder

SAT-X Twin Screw Extruder

Big twin screw extruder, screw diameter upto 250mm.

SAT-X is multifunctional. With a more powerful gearbox, more precise screw elements, SAT is endowed with a more flexible processing range and wider operation window. We also provide individual solutions according to customized requirements. With a variety of modular screw elements, barrels, melt filtration and pelletizing system, we will promise you a worthy investment.

With 13Nm/cm3 specific torque, it can perform greater delicate processing tasks and precise process control to meet complicate and sophisticate processing purpose. Better dispersion, more accurate temperature control and higher throughput have been integrated and optimized further in this extruder.

SAT-X twin screw extruder meets the mainstream European standards, meaning that SAT-X compounder can work under lower temperatures with higher throughput.

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USEON have done three big extruder SAT-X175

  • For BOPP film extrusion
    With motor power 1200kW, output 5000kg/h. Comparing to the tradition single screw extruder, it can save about 20% energy and 50% additives
  • For HOPP Polymerization
    With motor power 2000kW, output 8000kg/h
  • For HDPE compounding for steel pipe coating
    With motor power 1850kW, output 5500kg/h

SAT-X Series

Max. Speed
Specific Torque

Screw Elements

Precise screw elements made by CNC tools provide SAT with better intermeshing and self-wiping performance, which ensures the entire processing with no dead corners and better control in RTD (residence time distribution).

The ratio of outside diameter and inside diameter determines the free volume. The SAT series extruder features excellent self-wiping functions. By combining with screw torque and free volume, the Do/Di of SAT is optimized at 1.55 that provide sufficient torque while remaining enough free volume.

With exception of specific screw geometries, we supply several materials of screw elements for different processing purposes. We also can configure different screw materials in different processing sections.

Screw Elements
W6Mo5Cr4V2Through hardened tool-steel58-60HRC
Cr12MoVThrough hardened alloy steel58-60HRC
SAM10/CK45HIP-composite bi-metal steel58-62HRC
38CrMoAlAHardened and tempered nitrided steel>HV940
440CHardened Stainless steel for food54-56HRC

Barrels / Liners

SAT adopts ingenious cooling channel designs which provide a more efficient cooling performance and easier maintenance. Modular design allows barrel sequence to be optimized with different barrel materials as per the characteristic of the processing task.

To ensure the precision, all SAT barrels are processed by CNC machines. We have various barrel structures to cater for different feeding types, venting types and liquid injection.

Cr12MoVThrough hardened alloy steel60-62HRC
W6Mo5Cr4V2Through hardened tool-steel60-62HRC
Ni60+25%WCPM-boned HIP nickel base material62-64HRC
38CrMoAlAHardened and tempered nitrided steel>HV940
440CHardened Stainless steel for food54-56HRC

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