Project Description

Some polymers are not suitable to contact water, so the extrusion system must provide enough cooling capacity to cool down the temperature of molten polymers.

And some polymers are temperature sensitive or shear sensitive so that the extrusion system must provide enough dispersion without high shear force. For those applications, tandem extrusion system is a better solution, for example, the processing of PVC, EVA, XLPE, WPC, LSFH, and HFFR.

We employ twin screw extruder as primary extruder to provide mixing and dispersion, the secondary extruder is a single one which can establish prescribed pressure and provide sufficient cooling capacity.

The specific design of the whole extrusion system will be oriented by the character of processing flow.

Our Advantages at a Glance

  • More accurate process control
  • Tailor-made individual requirements
  • Abundant peripheral options
  • Expertise in challenging process control

Product Model

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