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Every compounding process has its individual character. Our years of experience and innovative awareness can help you figure out the most suitable solutions to your current situation.

Strand die

Strand die or spaghetti pelletizing system is suitable for most polymer compounding production. It features simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Another merit of strand die pelletizing is that the start-up time and period of changing product portfolio is very short so that the waste of material will be less. The threshold of operators is also low. A simple water bath for strand cooling often is the first option for compounding plants.

This system is only for medium-small production size. This system consists of strand die, water bath or belt-conveyor with cooling units, air knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classifier.This system can be incorporated with auto-packaging system.

Strand die

Water Ring Pelletizing System

Water ring pelletizing system is good for certain plastics, such as PE/PP/PS/EVA/TPU etc. The final pellets will get smoother and offer better flowability.

Relatively speaking, the length of production line is shorter than strand die pelletizing system. The die head of water ring is a ring type so that this structure reaches out the limitation of throughput.

Comparing with strand die pelletizing system, it has its own advantage of production continuity, especially in plastic recycling, as the recycled materials contain some contaminants that can cause strand broken during the production that can reduce the productivity. This system includes water ring pelletizer, water circulating system, dewater system and vibrating classifier. It can incorporate with auto-packaging system.

Water ring pelletizing system

Air Cooling Pelletizing System

Air cooling pelletizing system is normally used for some special materials, such as PVC, LLDPE, high filling masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, LSFH, XLPE, carbon black masterbatch, WPC etc.

This pelletizing system has two types ring type and centrifuge type.The selection of which depends on the properties of the raw materials. The merit of this system is that it allows the material to avoid water-contact which is critical for certain materials who are very sensitive to moisture.This system normally includes die head, air cooling pelletizer, air cooling and conveyor and vibrating classifier.

Additional air cooling units are for optional. It can incorporate with auto-packaging system.

Air cooling pelletizing system

Underwater Pelletizing System

When the preferred pellet shape is more spherical than cylindrical, the best alternative is an underwater hot-face cutter.

Underwater pelletizing system is applicable to almost all materials with thermoplastic behavior.Its advantages will be more obvious when processing sticky materials such as TPU and TPV or similar elastomer.

Comparing with other pelletizers, underwater is more compacted when the output is huge. The size of final pellets also can be better controlled than other pelletizing way.This system consists of die head, underwater pelletizer, water circulating system, and dewater system. It can incorporate with auto-packaging system.

Underwater pelletizing system

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