Project Description

Seek us for reasonable raw material handling and dosing systems. We will not only save you time but increase productivity and product quality. This is how strong businesses develop great products. Request a quote today.

Automatic Uploading

Includes vacuum convey system which can be applied for pellets or powder. We also have economic augur loading system.

Auto-weighing System

Auto-weighing system can be a gravimetric feeding system or loss-in-weight feeding system. This system can be integrated with auto-loading system. It can even be loop controlled by extrusion system.


If your recipe has more than one component, moreover they are not easily stratified, and the dispersion is not so strict a pre-mixer is an economic option. Its features include low cost, easy operation, and simple maintence.

Split Feeding

When your recipe has various components, and they have distinct flow character, split feeding is the best choice for production management. However it is only good for twin screw extruders.

Side Feeder

For some processing tasks, feeding is the biggest challenge. Sider feeders are normally the goto solution. We have different side feeders for powder, pellets, and liquid or glass fiber. We have indepth experience handling thorny feeding issues.

Side feeder

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