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Allow us to identify the unique compounding process your business needs. Our experienced inhouse professionals offer an innovative awareness that will lead you to the most suitable equipment for your individual situation. Have confidence as we manage your complex needs with our pragmatic approach.

We have strand die, water ring, air cooling, and underwater pelletizing system etc., each of them has its own features that fit different materials and processing requirements. We also make tailor-made pelletizing system and related accessories for your individual demand.

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Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

From 400rpm to 600rpm, even 800rpm, we have been leading the technology of twin screw extruder in China. Our new SAT series twin screw extruder brought specific torque up to 10.3Nm/cm3 which set a new standard of China-made twin screw extruders.

Stability and productivity are our basic principles. All our extruders have been tested by production. Modular design of screws and barrels make the machine more flexible which is called one machine for multi-application. Various screw geometry and barrel structure are available for different kinds of processing task. We also can customize extruders according to customers’ individual processing purpose. We enjoy sharing our laboratory extruders with our customers to develop new applications, new materials, and new recipes.

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Vacuum System

For some special materials or some special processing task, vacuum is necessary and very critical. The barrel design to connect vacuum system plays a key role that will directly effect the productivity and maintenance time. Thanks to our innovative vacuum technology which developed on the basis of our extrusion system, many polymer extrusion processes have been streamlined.

Our expertise in vacuum system will help you figure out the best solution for your individual case. As a result, the quality of final products will be increased and the specific cost will be cut down.

Vacuum System

Melt Filtration

Single or multi-plate type, single or multi-cylinder type and rotary type, Useon provides various types of screen changer for melt filtration under different processing conditions.
Reasonable melt filtration design can minimize the downtime and increase the productivity. It also can make the xtrusion system more compatible with different raw materials.

Melt filtration

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