SAT-X Compounder

SAT-X authentically explains one-for-multiple. More powerful gearbox, more precise screw elements endow SAT more flexible processing range and wider operation window.

SAT-X is big twin screw extruder, the screw diameter upto 175mm.

SAT Twin Screw Extruder

With 10.3Nm/cm3 specific torque, it is able to achieve more delicate processing task, precise process control can meet complicate and sophisticate processing purpose.

Better dispersion, more accurate temperature control and higher throughput have been integrated and optimized further.

SAT-T Parallel Triple Screw Extruder

Triple Screw Extruder is specially designed for the better dispersion and more output. The free volume of screw increase by 40%.

4 characteristics: 1) Super dispersion & distribution. 2) Narrow RTD features. 3) Perfect Self-cleaning. 4) Higher torque and throughput

EC Compounder

EC-compounder series are specially designed for those users who wish to make small to medium size compounding quantities and less torque inquiry for process. The EC Series machines have the features of easily-maintained, simple operation concept, user-friendly and cost-effective.

The EC-series twin screw extruders have significant PRICE/PERFORMANCE ratio.

TDY Counter Rotating Compounder

In reaction and devolatilization extrusion, USEON has a long tradition and rich experiences. The unique working principle of counter rotating twin screw extruder finds a particular niche in extrusion process.

We have developed some special screw elements and barrels to fulfill the individual processing task.

Tandem Extrusion System

For some polymers, the pelletizing has to be done under the condition without water and moisture, so that the extrusion system should have sufficient cooling capacity to cater for this process.

SAT tandem extrusion system is deigned for such kind of process.

Lab Extruder

Lab compounder is specially designed for the trial-level or entry-level user, or the small scale production of color masterbatch and some functional masterbatch.

Modular design makes it very flexible against different recipes.

Single Screw Extruder

Single screw extruder equip the smooth or grooved feeding barrels with L/D from 9 to 32.

It is mainly used for process the melt with venting or vacuum functions for recycling or products extrusion, typically including polyolefin and engineering recycling, engineering plastic direct extrusion of films, sheet, plates, pipes and profiles, such as PET, PA, PBT, ABS PC.

Pelletizing System

USEON can provide kinds of pelletizing system for you, different situation different solutions.

  • Water Cooling Strand Pelletizing System
  • Under Water Strand Pelletizing System
  • Air Cooling Strand Pelletizing System
  • Air Cooling Die Face Pelletizing System
  • Water Ring Pelletizing System
  • Underwater Pelletizing System
Intelligent Extruder Control System HMI

The merit of this system is for production management. Our experts can diagnose your machines via internet.

We not only consider your present demands, but also your future potential extended requirements.