How to Recycle XPS Foam

XPS foam board is widely used as an insulation material. With the increasing use of XPS, if it cannot be recycled and processed reasonably, the pollution to the environment will become more and more serious. The garbage produced by Polystyrene-related plastic products is light in weight, large in size, resistant to aging, corrosion resistant, chemically stable, and not easily degraded by microorganisms. After entering the soil, it is easy to deteriorate the soil quality.

The main raw material of XPS is Polystyrene, so the XPS recycling method here can also be applied to EPS recycling.

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Recycling Method of Waste Polystyrene

Catalytic cracking

Catalytic cracking of waste polystyrene produces a mixture mainly containing styrene. The main component of the cracked gas is styrene. Qualified styrene monomer and its by-products are obtained through subsequent energy recovery, chill cooling and rectification separation, and the recovery rate of styrene monomer reaches 70-85%.

Recycling for the manufacture of coatings and adhesives

XPS/EPS is mainly composed of polystyrene (PS), which can be used as a base material for coatings with good water resistance and insulation. However, coatings prepared with PS as a base material have poor adhesion and film-forming properties, so when PS is used as a coating film-forming material, it needs to be modified.

The modified PS, as a film-forming material, can be combined with various additives to produce coatings and adhesives with special properties, such as water-resistant, anti-corrosive, and fire-resistant coatings. However, the organic solvent-containing adhesives and coatings prepared from waste XPS/EPS will cause secondary pollution to the environment and harm the health of the constructors during the use process.

Recycling to make PS recycled particles

The most important use of waste in the XPS production process should still be used to make PS recycled particles, and in some specific cases, it can be used to produce XPS sheets. This should also be the most common recycling method at present.

XPS Recycling Equipment

We can provide complete XPS recycling system solutions. You can choose water ring pelletizing system or water cooling strand pelletizing system.

For example, One solution of XPS recycling system mainly includes the following parts:


Pre-grind unit
Intake motor: 7.5kw
Diameter of rotor: 500mm
Speed: 60rpm

Refine grinding
Grinding motor: 45kw
Diameter of rotor: 500mm
Max Speed: 440rpm
Grinding capacity: 10-15m3/hr (XPS)

Force Feeding System

Volume: 2m3
Material: Q235
Auger loading
Loading motor: 7.5kw
Agitator motor: 1.5kw;

Metering system
Agitator motor: 1.5KW
Horizontal convey motor: 4kw;
Convey type :single screw
Speed: 200rpm
Vertical feeding motor: 5.5kw
Feeding type: single screw
Speed: 400rpm
Feeding capacity: 500-600kg/hr
Frequency inverter speed regulation

Tandem Extrusion System

The extrusion system is configured according to your needs. For example, a configuration we recently gave to our customers is as follows:

Primary extruder: TDD200 Single Screw Extruder
Main motor: AC, 75kw; SIEMENS
Secondary extruder:TDD150 Single Screw Extruder
Main motor: AC, 75kw; SIEMENS

Water Ring Pelletizing System

Extrusion die plate
Material: 40Cr with nitrify heat-treatment.
The strand outgoing hole dia.: 2.8mm.
Holes number: 60holes.
With 2 pcs of cutting knives.
Stainless steel plate unit for protection equipped.

Water ring pelletizing
Capacity: 500kg/hr.
Driving power: 3KW
RPM controller: ABBAC inverter.
S.S. for cutting hub.
Water circulating system:
5.5KW water pump.
S.S. piping and water tank.
Water temperature controlled.

Centrifugal dewater unit
Driving power: 5.5KW.
All the part touching with the polymer is made of stainless steel.

Vibrating classifier
Capacity: 500kg/hr.
Screen material: stainless steel.
Screen layer: 3pcs (each with oversize, regular size and small size hole).
With two fan cooling on the top.

Conveying system and silo
Conveying blower: 3KW.
Pipe material: stainless steel.
Silo Vol.: 1000L.
Material: stainless steel.
Detachable frame included.

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