XPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

XPE foamed sheet has a wide range of application prospects. We provide turnkey project solutions for XPE foam sheet production line.

At the same time, we can also provide various XPE / IXPE foamed sheets processing machinery.

If you want to get involved in the related industries of XPE foam, our industry-leading experience will help you.

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Main Technical Specification

ExtruderScrew Dia
Screw Speed
Foaming TimesCooling MethodMax Capacity
Products Width
Products Thickness
TY15015010~328~40Water+Wind Cooling2001000~22003~12
TY16016010~328~40Water+Wind Cooling3001000~22003~12
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More About XPE Foam

XPE (Polyethylene cross-linked foam) is a widely used material. XPE has many advantages such as high cost performance, safety and environmental protection. It is an internationally recognized new type of decoration and thermal insulation material.

At present, it is widely used in China, Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia markets.

What’s XPE

XPE, also known as chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material, is a new type of environmentally friendly material. XPE has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, sound insulation, waterproof, heat insulation and heat preservation. XPE does not pollute the atmosphere when it is incinerated.

XPE Foam has good resilience, can adjust the hardness and thickness at will, and is light in weight. It is irreplaceable by other foamed cotton materials.

Features of XPE

1. Thermal insulation
Its fine independent bubble structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection, and is suitable for making insulation pipes and insulation boards. It also has anti-condensation properties, making it extremely suitable for heat preservation materials in humid environments such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold storage.

2. Sound insulation
With sound insulation and noise reduction function, it is suitable for use as sound insulation materials in airplanes, railway vehicles, automobiles, electric motors, noise equipment and the environment. As well as sound insulation and vibration reduction in building floors, floors, floors, walls, ventilation ducts, sewer pipes and other places.

3. Formability
It has strong heat resistance, good ductility, uniform density, and can realize deep parts such as vacuum forming and thermoforming. Therefore, it can be used for interior parts such as automobile air conditioning evaporator, automobile hot-pressed ceiling, automobile ventilation pipe, automobile sun visor, etc. Materials for lining and shoe materials.

4. Cushioning
The material is semi-rigid foam, which does not lose the original performance after strong impact. It is mostly used in precision instruments, semiconductor packaging and other fields. At the same time, it can also be used in the production of sports protective products and leisure products. , Such as: children’s crawling mat, gymnastics mat, sports protective gear, etc.

Application of XPE

XPE has the above mentioned characteristics and a wide range of applications. Among our customers, their main applications are in the following areas:

  • Car mats
  • Children’s climbing mat
  • 3D Wallpaper
  • Gymnastics mat
  • Sound insulation, such as floor sound insulation,
  • Insulation Pipe, such as insulation and sound insulation of sewer pipes and ventilation pipes. This application used to mainly use NBR material, but the replacement trend of XPE is very good.
XPE Foam Baby Play Mat

XPE Foam Baby Play Mat

XPE Foam Wall Paper

XPE Foam Wall Paper

XPE Car Floor Mats

XPE Car Floor Mats

XPE Gymnastic Mats

XPE Gymnastic Mats

XPE Foam vs EPE Foam

XPE is chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material, EPE is physical foamed polyethylene.

Both XPE and EPE are odorless materials. Many application scenarios are similar.

Compared with EPE, XPE has some advantages:

  • Higher strength, not easy to damage, longer life
  • Easy recovery of creases, better waterproof performance, non-slip
  • The production process is safer. The physical blowing agent of EPE is butane (C4H10), which is flammable and explosive. Many EPE factories have had some safety accidents.

The disadvantage of XPE compared to EPE is that the price is a little more expensive.

XPE Foam vs EVA Foam

EVA foam and XPE foam have many applications in the same field. For example, EVA foam can be widely used in:

  • Sole, insole
  • Various packaging foamed articles
  • Building and pipeline insulation
  • Acoustic panels
  • Automotive industry parts

So EVA and XPE will be compared. Compared with EVA foam, XPE has the following advantages:

  • XPE is odorless, ordinary EVA foam has a special odor, and odorless EVA foam is very expensive
  • XPE is safer, XPE is relatively non-flammable, while EVA is flammable
  • XPE has better resilience than EVA foam
  • XPE is more environmentally friendly

Therefore, especially when used in children’s climbing mats, we should use XPE foam to replace EVA foam and other materials.

How to make 3D XPE Foam Wallpaper

To make XPE wall stickers, it is necessary to do adhesive treatment, laminating treatment and hot pressing treatment on the XPE foam sheet.

These processing procedures also have corresponding equipment, we can also provide you with these equipment

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