As a leading company in PS physical foam extrusion line in China, USEON is the first company to develop the machine and produce PET Foam Board. It is a dedicated machine which integrate process of reactive extrusion and foaming.

Making the production greener is one of our mission. We choose environmentally friendly foaming agent and PET bottle flakes as main material.

xPET Foam Board

Features at a glance

  • Eco-friendly blowing agent
  • Variety of raw material sources (bottle flakes)
  • Reaction, mixing and foam extrusion in one step
  • Easy forming
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Recyclable
  • High-temperature resistance


  • Density range: 90-220kg/m3
  • Dimension: Width: 600-1220mm, Thickness: 5-60mm


  • Wind energy
  • Railway
  • Aviation
  • Furniture
Wind Energy

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