Useon-Manllen (Shanghai) Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. was formed by Useon (Nanjing) Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai Manllen Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. Useon-Manllen aims at high-end sheet/film production lines with advanced solution.
Useon has acquired profound know-how in extruder design and its application; while Manllen has wealthy experience in practice and integration of sheet/film production line. This strong alliance has integrated the innovation platform of each other so that the innovation pace has been increased. End customers can better benefit from our unceasing innovation.

We believe that innovation creates advantage.

The introduction of twin screw extruder into sheet/film production is a revolutionary break. For many products, the noticeable advantages in technical and cost containment have been making twin screw extruder a trend in sheet/film production. Not only has it enhanced competitiveness, but made contribution for environment.

Generally speaking twin screw extruder direct extrusion has following benefits:

  • More energy-saving
    for many products twin screw direct extrusion technology turns two-step process into one-step so that the electricity consumption has been saved significantly. For some resins that requires pre-dry, direct extrusion can save electricity up to 40%.
  • Higher productivity
    there are productivity issues in each step of two-step process. One-step way eliminated the first step; therefore the whole productivity has been brought up.
  • Smaller footprint
    comparing with two-step, one-step way takes less space, saves logistic and labor turnover cost.
  • Flexible recipe change
    thanks to excellent mixing and dispersing performance of twin screw extruder, the recipe can be changed inline without having to make masterbatch or pre-treatment. The innovation circle time has been shortened dramatically.
  • Save more additives
    generally speaking, comparing with single screw extruder, some additives like flame retardant can be saved up to 20%.
  • Better quality end products
    due to its excellent mixing and dispersing performance of twin screw extruder, all sorts of additives can be distributed evenly into the products. Pairing with flexible and potent vacuum degassing system, most of the low molecular particles can be removed from the molten polymer and thus the inner quality has been raised.
  • More accurate control in RTD
    for some resins, RTD (residence time distribution) is a very critical factor related to quality. Modular design and the nature of self-wiping of twin screw extruder can help control RTD by changing screw profile.
  • Wider tolerance in raw materials
    comparing with single screw extruder, twin screw extruder has inimitable advantage in raw material adaptability. Thanks to its born self-wiping performance, twin screw extruder is able to intake pellets, powder, flakes, films and yarns without problem.
Undried PET/PC sheet extrusion line

Twin screw extruder has unique merits to the process of polyester resins. Polyester is very vulnerable to thermal decomposition and hydrolyzation. Useon-Manllen has launched newly high-torque, lower-shearing and low-temperature twin screw extruder for PET process, which streamlined the process, and portrayed advantages in energy-saving and end product quality. As a result, the whole production cost has been contained.

PP Vacuum Shaping Sheet Production Line

As per different application, PP sheet has to stuff some filler such as talc to improve its physical property or reduce cost. In traditional process method, PP has to be compounded with filler, then pelletizing. Twin screw direct extrusion technology combines masterbatch preparation and mold extrusion together. The nature of inline compounding makes recipe change more flexible than ever, and makes the masterbatch preparation unnecessary.

WPC One-step Sheet Production Line

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) sheet/board production lines get the most out of the benefits of twin screw direct extrusion technology. Besides the general benefits, what is more important, the natural color and fiber have been saved at the best, not only does our low-temperature and low-shearing extruder design contribute, but the innovative process flow takes credit as well.

PVB/SGP Film Extrusion Line

PVB/EVA+starch film production involves many sorts of additives. Therefore, it requires good mixing and dispersing ability of extruder. The prominent mixing and dispersing ability of twin screw extruder can get the additives distributed into the polymer thoroughly even. Not only have additives saved, but raised the inner quality of final products.

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