5 tons/hr Underwater Pelletizing System

5 t/h Underwater Pelletizing System Delivered by USEON

In January 2022, USEON delivered an underwater pelletizing system with capacity of 5 tons/hr to a domestic client, which is the largest regular underwater pelletizing system for EPS beads pelletizing. Underwater pelletizing system is a relatively advanced pelletizing method which consists of diverter valve, pelletizer, water circulation system, centrifugal dewater and control system, with following …

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Honoray Cerdential 2022

Congrats to our achievement

On the first work day after the holiday season of the year of Tiger, we are awarded the prize of Top 30 companies 2021 by local government as we ranked in the top 30 tax payers in our town in 2021. Let’s make 2022 greater!

Under water pelletizing for TPU micro pellets

80kg/h Under Water Pelletizing for TPU Micro Pellets

Project Details Material: TPU with additives Equipment: SAT40 twin screw extruder Application: TPU Extrusion Output: 80kg/h Process: Twin screw extruder → filter → gear pump → Under water pelletizing system Our biggest under water pelletizing system for micro pellets with output 2ton/h The hole diameter: 0.8mmHole number: 1200 Project Video

POY Yarn Production Line

7.5 t/h POY Yarn Production Line

Project Details Material: very clean PET bottle flakes with moisture less than 1%, additive. Equipment: SAT-135 Twin Screw Extruder Application: POY Extrusion Output: 3 sets of co-extruder with total output 7.5ton/h Process: Twin screw extruder → gear pump → filter → LSP (26M3) → gear pump→ filter → POY Project Video

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