Screw Extruders

At Useon we take great pride in understanding your unique process and design a tailor-made extruder to meet your needs. Our expertice in polymer extrusion equipment can help you get the most from your investment. Trust our experience to design long lasting solutions for your most complex operations. Contact us today to speak with an expert.

Foam Extrusion

Project management is essential for a foam extrusion plant. Our professional technical team will guide you from the very beginning through the end. There is no excuse to waste time or money. Simply reach out to the best first by contacting Useon today.

PET Recycling

The advantage of our innovative design in extrusion systems is to keep the value of the recycled plastic. Doing this in a greener way drives us to the market. Our professionals value recycling and have designed solutions to make everyone happy. Contact us today to see how.

Compounding Reaction & Devolatilization

Building based on materials’ unique characteristics allows us to design precise extrusion systems. Synergy between our expert staff and clients makes for the best outcomes. This is our progmatic approach to business and it allows us to define reasonable solutions to your stringent requirements. Enable us to earn your trust. Contact us today.

Flat Die Extrusion

Competition of regular products is cost containment. We know how innovative extrusion systems can streamline the process flow and contain the production cost substantially. Trust our experience and let us serve you.