BOPET Film Extrusion Line

USEON twin screw extruder can be used for BOPET film production line. Marchante provides a complete solution for BOPET film. We cooperate with marchante to provide them with high-quality twin screw extruders.

BOPET film extrusion line

Table of Contents

Basic formula

PET compounding with additives (anti-slip, anti-static, anti-oxidant etc.)

BOPET film application

For all kind of packaging.

Film structure


Tech features & Advantages

  • Pre-drying-free technology
  • High efficient vacuum system keeps IV drop minor
  • Optimized screw design avoids yellowing
  • More user-friendly and intelligent close-loop control
  • Less residence time leads to less polymer degradation
  • Better dispersion performance leads to less percentage of additives

Extrusion System

We will use multiple SAT-type twin-screw extruders to configure different specifications according to your output.

For example, our client Oben Holding Group in Peru, the extrusion system for them is:

Co-extrusion: SAT75-SAT135-SAT75


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