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Interested in PET recycling? Choose us, because our 15-year experience and expertise in PET recycling and pelletizing solutions can prepare anyone who wants to be involved in PET recycling. Our recycling solutions reflect our deep experience and ardent passion to innovate.

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USEON has helped clients worldwide launch more than 130 PET pelletizing lines.

By discovering more of USEON’s innovative solutions, you can recycle PET and maintain the same material quality as virgin PET.

You can certainly depend on us to develop and deliver customized machines, which can handle any imaginable thorny recycling task. USEON will help you eradicate struggles with bottle-grade PET recycling, fluffy materials, or even the most difficult plastic recycling challenges. Choose us, and together, we’ll fight for a greener tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out the limitless opportunities with which we can help.

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Advanced 4 Design for PET Recycling

Special Feeding System

Can handle crushed cloth, yarn, fiber, bottle flakes, scrap from PET sheet / strap / lump. Raw material treatment:
> Removes metal using S+S separator (mad in German), With sensitivity ≥0,9mm for ferrous and nonferrous metal.
> Remove the dust or sand by round classifier.
> If the moisture of the flakes is more than 1%, we provide one hopper dryer before feeding.

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder with High Torque Gearbox

Our high torque of gearbox 10.3 Nm. /cm3 can process PET at lower temperatures and a lower speed but, at the same time, produce higher output.

Strong Vacuum

- The vacuum system is used for removing moisture and volatiles from the PET and is assembled with vacuum pumps & collecting tank.
- With PLC and HMI control for interlock, a vacuum level less than achievable this is very close to the ultimate vacuum. You can produce PET with an IV drop less than 5%, which is about 0.05dl/g.

Under Water Strand Pelletizing

The strands go into the pelletizer by the water flow, and even if the strand breaks during filter changing, there will be no waste after startup.
We can control the temperature of the final pellets, allowing for crystallization if required. Later this will save the energy when heating up the pellets.

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