Graphite EPS Production Line

With the raise of energy-saving standard, traditional white EPS insulation is not able to keep up with the thermal insulation requirements. The advent of graphite EPS solves this issue perfectly, which brings down the thermal conductivity less than 0.030W/(m·K). Therefore, graphite EPS are gaining ground worldwide in thermal insulation industry.

Graphite enriched EPS can reduce the thermal conductivity by 20%. USEON provide turn-key project for graphite EPS beads production factory. We are also open to discuss other possibilities of cooperation.

As a leading company in PS physical foam extrusion line in China, USEON is the first company to develop ECOFELTM series graphite EPS beads production line which can help you seize such opportunity. Now it comes to the second generation. Besides good quality machines, this project requires wealthy experience in production. We have international intelligent pool to support your start-up and production. From lab scale foam extrusion line to 2,000 kg/hr line, we provide the veritable turn-key project service. The first three lines we delivered in 2015, has been up and running since then, produced tens of thousands of tons.

The line is comprised of vacuum loading, loss-in-weight dosing system, twin screw primary extruder and single screw cooling extruder plus pelletizing system and packaging. The whole process is fully automatic.

This line can produce color EPS beads as well.

The Advantages We Offer at a Glance

  • Systems From 200 kg/hr up to 2000 kg/hr
  • Complete Automatic Line
  • Turnkey Project Service (From Consulting to Operation)
  • Online Remote Analysis, Diagnostic and Technical Support

Graphite EPS Beads / Board

Graphite EPS Beads
Graphite EPS Beads
Graphite EPS Board

Color EPS Beads

Tired of white EPS packaging materials? ECOFELTM EPS production line can produce EPS beads in any color.

Color EPS Beads

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