The ECOFEL series XPS machine represents the most advanced China-made XPS production line. Our years of experience cooperating with international groups will help you launch a world-class XPS factory. Trust our expertise to become competitive in your market.

ECOFEL is leading the technology of CO2 foam XPS production line that also retains more potential for the future. Making the XPS production greener is not only our advantage, but our commitment. Besides delivering high-performance and reliable machines, we transfer our expertise of running a good quality foam board.

Through close cooperation with customers, we design the machines from both processing characters and mechanical manufacturing so that the operation has been optimized and humanized.

From 20mm to 150mm in thickness, from 600mm to 1200mm in width, from 200kg/hr to 2000kg/hr in throughput, USEON provides a big range of production lines, in which you will find yours.

ECOFEL Series CO2 Foam XPS Production Line

Excellent Quality and Reliability

The quality and reliability of ECOFELTM has been recognized by Fortune 500 groups and leading XPS manufacturers in different regions worldwide, such as UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Owens Corning.

As a strategic partner of UNIDO to phase-out the usage of HCFCs in XPS production, USEON has been cooperating with UNIDO to implement projects worldwide.

Full Automatic Raw Material Handling System

Continuous and even feeding is the first step to produce excellent products. All recipe changes can be done through digital setting. Incorporated with DCS intelligent control system, it can manage production and contain cost more effectively.

With integrated vacuum loading system, raw materials handling solution can be customized according to individual factory circumstance so that the workshop can keep clean and tidy to make friendly work environment.

Material Handling

TDS-D High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

Distinguishing from normal China-made compounding twin screw extruders, we adopt TDS-D series high torque twin screw extruder as primary one, which brings specitic torque up to 10.3 Nm/cm3.

High torque twin screw extruder has many advantages:

  • Keep the melt temperature as low as possible during processing
  • Minimize the usage of flame retardants while keep the same flame retardancy level
  • Keep the products’ color bright and fresh
  • Good for super high compressive strength boards

Highly modularized barrels and screws as well as blowing agent injection flange allow TDS-D twin screw extruders to have wider flexibility and suitability. All CNC manufactured barrels and screws assure the precise fit so that it can provide excellent mixing and dispersion as well as optimum residence time distribution(RTD). Not only can it save additives usage, but enhance products quality.

TDS-D High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

Innovative Cooling Single Screw Extruder

Temperature control is very important in foam extrusion processing. In term of cooling barrel design, the newest version of cooling single screw extruder has increased cooling capacity by 80% comparing with traditional design.

Besides upgraded barrel design, the latest screw profile increases renewal rate of molten materials so that it assures the cooling efficiency and homogenization
of materials temperature, yet decreases the power consumption by 30%.

Blowing Agent System

Strike the Balance Between Cost and Quality.

Variable physical properties of CO2 make metering it a challenge. It involves temperature control, pressure control and mass flow rate control, in addition, it’s a balance between processing parameters.

We designed a CO2 system which can control its properties at a certain status in order to meter it precisely. Multiple blowing agent injection system allow you to shift the products portfolio easily to cater for different market positioning. Pursuing quality and containing cost are at ease.


We provide complete downstream including calibrator, haul-off, edge trimming, cut-off, stacker, and auto-packaging system. We customize downstream according customers’ final purpose or existed building. Surface planner, surface groover, embossing, shiplap edge, and tongue & groove edge all these accessories can be online or offline.

DCS Intelligent Control System

A Prelude to Industry 4.0. Pulling data from recipe management and operation history, then optimize parameters from big data Extracting data from maintenance record and alarm history, remote analysis and technical support can be done through such notifications.

DCS intelligent control system helps you manage your production and maintain your equipment more effectively. Powerful industry PC leads your XPS production into Big Data era.

ECOFELTM Series XPS Machine Models

ModelOutput (kg/h)Transformer Required
TDS75-TDD150200-450300 KVA
TDS85-TDD200400-700400 KVA
TDS95-TDD250600-1000500 KVA
TDS110-TDD300800-1200600 KVA
TDS135-TDD4001500-2000800 KVA

Turn-key Projects

For XPS project, selecting a high-quality equipment is just the first step to success. Our professional team not only provides fine equipment, we provide various and rounded services. It covers workshop design consulting, warehouse logistic management, recipe management operation and maintenance training etc. We have our own international talent pool.

We are ready to at your proposal. We do turn-key project.

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